4 FCK SAKE (ebook)

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With honesty, humor, candor and clarity, Donna Lynn Morandi discusses her life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.Donna Lynn's personal journey through motherhood exposes both her failures and successes while depicting life in a chaotic, yet hilarious way. Many stories are told regarding family, marriage, friends, and how life never seems to go as planned. While raising four children can be stressful, Donna Lynn finds a way to laugh at the insanity, enjoy the chaos, and relish in the love of having an active, overzealous family.For Fuck Sake, is an ode to all parents who can find the patience to overcome all the stress of daily life while raising children. From self inflicted over scheduled extra curricular activities and teenage mayhem to detention and age school temper tantrums, reading For Fuck Sake will give you a chuckle and a reason to reexamine your daily rituals and family values.In a voice that is fresh, irresistibly funny, and incredibly relatable, Donna Lynn Morandi embraces the chaos while enjoying all of the treasured moments and memorable events that have shaped her life. For Fuck Sake is the journey of a woman who embraces the unpredictable, cherishes the small parental victories, and inhales each precious moment while discovering a love so profound that it takes her breath away.