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Divine Intervention Dreams do come true?unfortunately! Dreams really do come true. But unfortunately, one woman's dream is another woman's nightmare. Divine Intervention, the first book of the Soul Mates series, chronicles the life of one woman, Isabella Moran, who has the gift of seeing more than meets the eye. With a serial rapist on the loose, Isabella always sees the next victim before they are victimized?even when the next victim is scheduled to be her. She can't control it. She can't turn it off. She's been given a gift?a divine gift?she didn't ask for. When she partners with FBI agent Erik Richardson to help track down 'Jack the Rapist,' as the media called him, she finds out that her connection to Agent Richardson is about much more than the case. In this rollercoaster ride of romance, mystery and suspense, the closer Isabella and Agent Richardson get to solving the mystery of the serial rapist, the closer they grow to each other?in love, lust and desire. Through their erotic, intimate encounters, they struggle to remain focused on the main problem at hand?solving the case and capturing the rapist. Readers should hold on to their seats as they experience steamy bedroom rendezvous and suspense throughout the entire book. When Isabella finds out that her connection to Agent Richardson is all a part of a master plan, will she run into his arms all the more or turn her back on him? It's going to take a divine intervention to save her before it's too late. Every gift comes with a price tag. Some are simply higher than others! Warning: Content suitable for mature audiences. Contain graphic sex scenes, sexual abuse, and a cliff-hanger. Keyword