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The problems we have are: the problems in us; the problems between us and God; the problem between us and time; and the problems between us and fellow men. The problem in us is our reactions to problems; the one between us and God is not sin but requesting outside His will; the one between us and time is impatience while the one between us and fellow men is responses.
How many of your mistakes have you ignored and still crawling on while mates are flying? Stand up to be picking them up! But you don?t need to trip back before you can pick them. Those mistakes ignored are among the best miracles, but don?t celebrate the testimony of it yet until you have picked them! You?re crawling now but, it can cause you flying a hand to sky not far from now; just stretching your hand on picking it, the miracles will begin.
But, one fact here is: in order to return to the home of peace, you must travel on the road of problems.
?A good fisherman doesn?t worries of the deep sea with multitude of fishes, instead; he worries of the deep sea without a fish?
Problems are not chains around the neck of your goings; instead; it is the leader of your tricky goings and goings. You may not live at love with all things but, you can live at peace with all problems yet, prayer is not our god?s father on receiving! Problem, is trying to build your world and its fate with no instruction book because it is already an instruction encounter!
Don?t sit aside; don?t sit to tell-around the stories about your difficulties. It?s not yet the times tell the stories of fails, and disappointments; stand for pushing! The locked door must open because it was meant to be open and that?s why it?s a door and not a pillar or a wall; that?s why it?s locked and not built. At the time of your tale, it would be enough hints for enough others!