JUMBO LOVE (ebook)

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Find out what it's like to be loved by an Elephant!
Love Animal Sanctuary - Chiang Mai, Thailand 'Home for abused animals'
It presently houses over ninety animals, all formerly unwanted or abused, domestic pets, farm animals and some wildlife. Twenty?six cows, bulls and buffalos who escaped the slaughter house, also reside there. All the bulls have been sterilized. This is their home for life. Love Animal Sanctuary is situated on two separate properties in a small village, with a total of 17 rai.
The shelter is sponsored entirely by private funding, memberships, donations and book sales. The aim of the facility is to provide edu- cation regarding the importance of animal welfare in our society and to provide the facts about neglect, violence and brutality to- wards animals in the food and pet industry. Crimes against people start with animal abuse. It is important to educate people to report such actions.
By collecting members who care about animal welfare, we can raise signatures for petitions to implement new laws which offer more humane treatment. It is up to each and every one of us to find a more compassionate way to live before we destroy ourselves, the planet and every living thing on it. We all need to become more conscious of our actions and deeds in life. One way of getting re-connected with nature is to meet the friendly animals at the sanctuary where every individual counts. Let the animals speak for themselves.