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"Lucia's Lessons of Love" has been called the "love manual" for single men and women. This is not your typical relationship book with long, drawn-out or complicated answers. Lucia gets to the point immediately and bottom lines each answer in a fun, easy-to-read "Q & A" format. Think of it as the "cliff notes" for love, dating and relationships. Do you want to know: Why is it that whenever I like someone they don't like me, and the ones I don't like are crazy about me? (pg.27) What does, "I love you but I'm not in love with you" mean? (pg.58) Should you compliment a woman, especially an attractive woman, when you first meet her? Ignore my advice on this at your own peril. (pg.50) What do men want? No, it's not sex. (although they want that too) (pg.38) Where is the most romantic place on earth? (you'll be surprised) (pg.20) Does "the one" really exist? (pg.13) Do I have to play hard to get? (pg.48) Why do I always attract the wrong people? (pg.26) What's the fastest way to connect with someone? (Bill Clinton does it all the time) (pg.28) What does it mean when someone says they "need space"? (pg.63) What are the top three dating mistakes? (pg.31) What does it mean when a woman says "nothing" is wrong? Is it really true? You'll stop a lot of fights by finding out the answer to this. (pg.66) When does a woman know if she wants to sleep with a man? (pg.34) What are the reasons men don't ask a woman out? (even if they're interested) (pg.41) Should women ask men out? (pg.42) Why do women date jerks? (You can blame biology for this) (pg.45) How do you "get" a man to marry you? (The answer is 2 simple words) (pg.54) What does it mean when someone says you're "playing games"? (It's a god thing!) (pg.62 ) Why do men stop courting? (No, they're not being jerks) (pg.40) Here is an excerpt from "Lucia's Lessons of Love": What does, "I don't want a relationship" mean? When someone says they don't want a relationship, they're leaving out two little words: with you.