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Anyone who travels knows that it takes time to figure out what to do. But the challenges go deeper for a photo enthusiast. There are tons of issues that need to be tackled: which locations to shoot, what time of day to shoot, what lens or camera settings. There are plenty of guidebooks that cover the Utah parks -- but none of them give you any photo info at all. Professional writer and landscape photographer, Tim Truby has been shooting at these parks for years. And he's put together all the photo-oriented details you'll need to get your best possible shots. This book provides a wealth of creative and logistical info for the photo enthusiast or interested beginner: ? The best photo locations in each park (and none of the just OK stuff) ? Representative images of the major locations, so you know what to expect ? Details on what each trail is like ? Specifics on settings and lenses for each shooting location ? Thoughts on composition and shot dynamics for each location you can carry?on your phone or tablet ? Landscape photography tips ? Lightroom post-production suggestions ? In-depth writing on related issues from geology to area history to shooting etiquette to provide additional context Do not expect this book to list restaurants, hotels or every activity available in the park. This book is focused on getting you good shots. You?ll find useful landscape photography tips - but this book isn?t a magic wand. You have to put in the time. You have to get out there and make choices based on your instincts. This book is kind of a conversation - shared insights, cool locations to check out, hints for handling the challenges. Some of the stuff is high level, some is specific and actionable for a shoot location. That?s the value of this eBook version, so you can have the essentials there with you when on location. Ultimately, the goal of this to pull together all the photo-related basics, both technical and creative, so you can focus on the work.