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Eileen Fox has hated Warren Wolf since they were put on opposite sides of a debate competition. They were each other's first times, an encountered in the middle of a school hall that was fueled but as much by hate as it was by lust.
But now Eileen is in trouble. She ran into a police car while driving way over the speed limit, and she's been drinking. The policeman in the car? Warren Wolf.
He'll pretend the accident never happened on one condition: If she surrenders to him in every way possible.
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
She'd knocked into the car in front hard enough to push it off course on impact, and it hit the metal railing further up front. It didn't look like she had done much damage with only a small indentation where the car plate was, but the car looked expensive. One of those sports cars that she could only dream of owning. She let out a stream of curses as she got off her car, her mind still reeling from shock.
"I'm so sorry. I'll pay for the damages," she said hastily even before the man exited the car. "Are you alright?" she asked as she walked to the driver's window.
"Shit," she whispered under the breath when she saw that the driver was in full police uniform. The black man turned to her.
The eyes that stared at her from beyond the glass was all-too-familiar. She must've angered some sort of God in her past life.
"Shit," she repeated. Not only was the car she rammed into a cop's car, she rammed into the car of the man who had no qualms breaking her heart over and over again.
"Warren Wolf," she whispered.
His expression changed from one of annoyance to amused when he saw who rammed into him. "Eileen Fox," he grinned, stepping out from the car. "Fate seems to enjoy putting us together."
"Wolf." She stepped away from him out of self-preservation. "I'm so sorry for running into your car. Tell me what I can do to make things right."
He surveyed her car, then her. "How fast were you going?" he asked, eyebrows raised.
She gulped and crossed her arms defensively, "Under the speed limit," she said.
"And what's that?"
"Whatever the speed limit is," she responded automatically.
"Have you been drinking?" he asked suddenly.
She froze. Only a little, but he had no way of knowing. She started shaking her head, then sighed. "I had a glass after work, but not enough to impair judgment! I was just trying to hang up on a cal-" she stopped herself from digging her grave even deeper. There was just something about being close to Warren that made her immeasurably stupid. Her brain seemed to have fled its home the moment she saw him walk out the car in his police uniform. It accentuated all his rippling muscles, making him look even manlier than she remembered.
He continued to stare at her a way that made her tremble. Her heart caught in her throat. She was in trouble in more ways than one.
"I could have your driving license suspended," he said.
"Please," she begged. "I can't afford to lose my driving license."

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