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To Live, Mary Reede Must Become Her Dead Brother, But To Love She Must Become Herself; Her Story Is An Odyssey Worthy Of Homer.

About two hundred yards off, our pursuer ran up her colors, a black flag bearing the curious device of a white skull in its center, with crossed white swords beneath.
?John,? Candy said, ?I?ve sailed with such in years past, and there?s just a chance that I may know some of her crew. When they board, stand where you can be clearly seen, with your hands by your side - in plain sight - show no resistance at all. They?ll be very hard sorts, and it?s certain there?ll be some who will stand ready to cut you down to drown in your own blood.?
At that same moment there was a puff of gray smoke from her forward gun, followed closely by the dull thump of its report. A jet of water leaped from the surface of the sea some hundred feet or so in our path ahead.
A brightly clad figure stepped up by the forward shrouds onto its rail, and raised a speaking trumpet.
?Heave to! Heave to!? came a voice across the water, ?Come into the wind till ye stay, and back your sails. We mean to board you for inspection. Heave to Damn ye!?

?... a man forced against his will to serve a pirate ?republic? and a pirate, who lived 300 years ago emerge here full blooded, historically viable ... a richness to the detail ... that is compelling.?-Rev. Dr. W. Gary Hayward, Covenant Evangelical Church, Barre, Massachusetts .

?N. C. Schell's riveting novel tells the story of the pirate Mary Reede ... it's Mary?s ... stunning defiance of gender expectations, her struggles at the edge of morality and her brave embrace of a dangerous love that gives this story its thunder and modern urgency. Everything about this novel, its eccentric characters, its consistently fascinating, spectacularly written action sequences and its powerful, resonant themes, screams to be made into a television series ....?-Laura Harrington, Actress & Screenwriter, Hollywood, CA.

"... a masterly crafted tale. From beginning to end, I could not put it down."-Paula Warner, Sunderland, Massachusetts.

"Very polished and dramatic ... attention to detail is phenomenal ... a great piece of work?-Patrick Dunn, Manchester, New Hampshire.

?I started reading and couldn't stop. I'm not much on reading either...?-David Kettles, KY.

?... how I love the story! I really wept at the last chapter ....?-Maureen LePain, FL.

?One sentence and I truly couldn't put it down. I am spellbound by the story ....?-Richard Booth, MA.

?... I just loved it! I wanted more. I guess that's the next book.?-Esther Kaddaras, AZ.

?Just wrapped it up. This is great!....?-Paula, MA.

?Thank you for your book. It is a marvel.?-Elizabeth Dunn, NH.