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This comprehensive eBook presents the complete works or all the significant works - the ?uvre - of this famous and brilliant writer in one ebook - 5100 pages easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate: ? The Devil's Dictionary ? An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge ? Famous Modern Ghost Stories ? The Damned Thing ? The Lock and Key Library: The most interesting stories of all nations: American ? The Collected Works of ? Volume: In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians ? Can Such Things Be? ? Write It Right ? The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce ? Fantastic Fables ? Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories ? The Cynic's Word Book ? The Collected Works of, Volume ? A Son of the Gods, and A Horseman in the Sky ? The Dance of Death / by William Herman ? Cobwebs from an Empty Skull ? The Monk and The Hangman's Daughter and Adolphe Danziger de Castro ? A Cynic Looks at Life ? The Letters of ? The Devil's Dictionary ? The Shadow On The Dial, and Other Essays ? The Parenticide Club ? Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories ? The Fiend's Delight ? Black Beetles in Amber ? Shapes of Clay ? A HORSEMAN IN THE SKY ? AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE ? CHICKAMAUGA ? A SON OF THE GODS ? ONE OF THE MISSING ? KILLED AT RESACA ? THE AFFAIR AT COULTER'S NOTCH ? THE COUP DE GRÂCE ? PARKER ADDERSON, PHILOSOPHER ? AN AFFAIR OF OUTPOSTS ? THE STORY OF A CONSCIENCE ? ONE KIND OF OFFICER ? ONE OFFICER, ONE MAN ? GEORGE THURSTON ? THE MOCKING-BIRD ? CIVILIANS ? THE MAN OUT OF THE NOSE ? AN ADVENTURE AT BROWNVILLE ? THE FAMOUS GILSON BEQUEST ? THE APPLICANT ? A WATCHER BY THE DEAD ? THE MAN AND THE SNAKE ? A HOLY TERROR ? THE SUITABLE SURROUNDINGS ? THE BOARDED WINDOW ? A LADY FROM RED HORSE ? THE EYES OF THE PANTHER ? ASHES OF THE BEACON ? THE LAND BEYOND THE BLOW ? THITHER ? SONS OF THE FAIR STAR ? AN INTERVIEW WITH GNARMAG-ZOTE ? THE TAMTONIANS ? MAROONED ON UG ? THE DOG IN GANGEWAG ? A CONFLAGRATION IN GHARGAROO ? AN EXECUTION IN BATRUGIA ? THE JUMJUM OF GOKEETLE-GUK ? THE KINGDOM OF TORTIRRA ? HITHER ? FOR THE AHKOOND ? JOHN SMITH, LIBERATOR ? BITS OF AUTOBIOGRAPHY ? ON A MOUNTAIN ? WHAT I SAW OF SHILOH ? A LITTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA ? THE CRIME AT PICKETT?S MILL ? FOUR DAYS IN DIXIE ? WHAT OCCURRED AT FRANKLIN ? ?WAY DOWN IN ALABAM? ? WORKING FOR AN EMPRESS ? ACROSS THE PLAINS ? THE MIRAGE ? A SOLE SURVIVOR ? The Ways of Ghosts Present at a Hanging A Cold Greeting A Wireless Message An Arrest Soldier-Folk A Man with Two Lives Three and One are One A Baffled Ambuscade Two Military Executions Some Haunted Houses The Isle of Pines A Fruitless Assignment A Vine on a House At Old Man Eckert?s The Spook House The Other Lodgers The Thing at Nolan The Difficulty of Crossing a Field An Unfinished Race Charles Ashmore?s Trail Science to the Front ? NEGLIGIBLE TALES A Bottomless Grave Jupiter Doke, Brigadier-General The Widower Turmore The City of the Gone Away The Major's Tale Curried Cow A Revolt of the Gods The Baptism of Dobsho The Race at Left Bower The Failure of Hope & Wandel Perry Chumly's Eclipse A Providential Intimation Mr. Swiddler's Flip-Flap The Little Story THE PARENTICIDE CLUB My Favorite Murder Oil of Dog An Imperfect Conflagration The Hypnotist THE FOURTH ESTATE Mr. Masthead, Journalist Why I am not Editing "The Stinger" Corrupting the Press "The Bubble Reputation" THE OCEAN WAVE A Shipwreckollection The Captain of "The Camel" The Man Overboard A Cargo af Cat "ON WITH THE DANCE!" A REVIEW The Prude in Letters and Life The Beating of the Blood There are Corns in Egypt A Reef in the Gabardine Enter a Troupe of Ancients, Dancing Cairo Revisited Japan Wear and Bombay Ducks In the Bottom of the Crucible Counsel for the Defense They all Dance Lust, Quoth'a Our Grandmothers' Legs o THE SHADOW ON THE DIAL o CIVILIZATION o THE GAME OF POLITICS o SOME FEATURES OF THE LAW o ARBITRATION o INDUSTRIAL DISCONTENT o CRIME AND ITS CORRECTIVES o THE DEATH PENALTY o RELIGION o IMMORTALITY o OPPORTUNITY o CHARITY o EMANCIPATED WOMAN o THE OPPOSING SEX o THE AMERICAN SYCOPHANT o A DISSERTATION ON DOGS o THE ANCESTRAL BOND o THE RIGHT TO WORK o THE RIGHT TO TAKE ONESELF OFF