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The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution is a modern, practical survival and success road map for all women in the work force. This road map is comprised of eleven attributes needed to become empowered. And becoming empowered is critical in today's world of pay inequity, sexual harassment and lack of promotions beyond mid-level managerial positions. The ability to shatter the glass ceiling is further hampered by the under-representation of women in the board room across all industries, even those heavily represented by women. I have described, in detail, each of these attributes and how they work together to help you, the reader, become empowered at work. I have included worksheets to help the reader practice and become proficient in these attributes. I have also described the types of corporations, companies and work places, that will assist, not hamper, your journey to the top. I also offer advise in those cases where a work environment is not conducive to your advancement. How do you approach leadership, HR or other colleagues you work with? What are your options if harassment occurs? What are the signs that the company you work for is not the right fit for your work goals? By applying these attributes, you will be better able to work with the leadership at your workplace to improve the right's of women. These attributes will also give you the clear focus if you need to move on and search for the right work place that will help you evolve. Through the personal implementation these attributes, you will be able to complete your journey without compromising your core values. You will achieve what so many women are still striving for; being recognized and lauded for their talents, regardless of race, sex or physical appearances. Enjoy the journey! Here's to your success! I am woman, hear me roar! I am woman, see me soar!!