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In his book "The Next Wave" David Wraight contends that when young people are given the freedom to lead, abundant fruit is produced. Their simple faith in God constantly generates courageous and creative initiatives, and their connectedness to the cutting edge of societal change allows them to be relevant and effective in their mission strategies. They have boundless energy and an absolute belief in the God of the impossible. "The Next Wave" proposes that recognizing young people as leaders for today?and 'allowing' them to lead?opens up the potential for exceptional growth in mission effectiveness. This is clearly supported by a review of biblical and church history, where we find many examples of faithful, energetic and courageous young people being used by God to bring about change, renewal and blessing. In fact, every major mission movement over the past 200 years has been instigated and populated by young people, mostly in their early twenties. When young people are mobilized in large numbers they have an enormous synergistic capacity to bring about change. Throughout history there have been numerous political leaders who have recognized the collective world-changing potential of youth and have used the youth of their nation?often with destructive and brutal agendas?to alter the course of history. Some classic examples of this are Adolph Hitler with his Hitler Youth movement and Mao Zedong with his Red Army. As globalization and modern technology continue to shrink our world, we are presented with a new landscape that contains amazing possibilities for world change. People are connecting worldwide as never before?particularly young people?overcoming cultural, geographical, language and ethnic barriers with ease. There is an emerging 'global consciousness' and young people want to be a part of it.