THE PALACE (ebook)

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Wasted away by cancer Peter Roberts, star in the Golden Theater Era, lies barely breathing on his deathbed. Confronted by a rival actor he killed decades earlier, Peter has mere seconds to make a problematic decision. His first choice is become a poltergeist roaming desolate theaters for five decades and return five new souls to the dark master's collection in exchange for a chance to become the world's most famous actor again. Peter's other option is to be tormented for eternity by the man he killed in a gruesome manner. Janice Orlendia is a young mother with a child that Satan has a keen interest in. An untimely meeting allows Satan to steal her son to use as a tool to bring his repulsive empire back to mankind. The boy's life, along with the universe as a whole hangs in the balance. Midnight approaches at the Palace Theater in Waterbury CT and events point rapidly toward Armageddon. The birth of Lucifer's child, to take place shortly after midnight, will begin of the horrific battle between Heaven and Hell. With demons at the ready, there is precious little time before the world is engulfed in ghastly combat between good and evil. As seconds tick towards the Apocalypse Peter has one final decision to make. Either honor his deal with Satan or stop the carnage before it starts and face the wrath of the most evil entity ever known.