UNCHON-NI (ebook)

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In the authors words...."Over the years, I have often thought of how I arrived in Korea approximately eight months after my seventeenth birthday. I distinctly remember what happened while I was there, and how those experiences affected me up through this day and age. Even at that, I wonder if my life has been so much more interesting than anybody else's. Can I hold one's curiosity during these times of the 15 second attention span long enough for them read this entire story?" "If they read it, will they understand the nuance between the boy and the man he is trying to be in the ultimate men's club, the United States Army? Can I articulate well the lessons learned from unlikely sources such as the men and women whose lives crossed in a third world country during that 1962-1963 time span?" "I've concluded the answer is yes. I can explain the road this boy traveled from the concrete city streets of a little Midwestern city to the dirt roads and alleyways of an impoverished Korean village located on the outskirts of a U.S. Army base. I have to tell the story of his love affair with a lady whose profession was practically chosen for her out of the necessity to survive in a war torn environment. I need to put his experiences down on paper and share them with others who then can judge the players' behavior in this story for themselves. It is imperative that the leading character's, that is my, story is read, his actions scrutinized, and his interactions with others are understood as a result of who he was and who he would become one day." "This is a story about a young black American soldier trying to find himself amid the chaos and obstacles that life throws at him. He often looks back in his life in order to move forward. Over this tour of duty, he will look to love, organization, and purpose in establishing who he is and where he fits in the scheme of life itself.