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At the present time we are inundated with Self-help Gurus propounding ?the law of attraction? in various guises. The secret message from these celebrity Gurus is that what you think and affirm you will attract into your life. Many of these Gurus mislead one into thinking that ?the law of attraction? works from thought or from the head consciousness. This is a devastating misunderstanding and a source of great misery to millions of people. To master the law of attraction you must have heart consciousness.

To develop the ability to uncover and remain with the heart consciousness takes years of spiritual development. To shift from head consciousness into heart consciousness is to turn ones world upside down, it is to let go of delusion, to outgrow the group, to mature emotionally and indeed to awaken to the truth of being; this divine quest should not to be taken lightly.

Contained in this book are a set of teachings developed by a onetime unemployed, drug addict, alcoholic, suffering with agoraphobia and depression who used the simple exercises and teachings in this book to heal himself in mind and body, master the law of attraction and take control of every aspect of his life.

This book will guide you realistically to mastering the law of attraction and empower you to discover that you don?t need self-help gurus or anybody else to help you become your own Guru.Read this book if you can?t seem to get what you want, are a having a spiritual crisis, if you are thinking about joining a religious organization, if you are having problems with addiction, if you don?t know who you are or if you are frightened of dying.You are holding this book in your hand because you are ready, it is time, and your heart has brought you to this book. No matter whom you are or what your history is you can become your own Guru. You are here because you are ready to find your heart, you are ready for enlightenment.