THE NOMAD (ebook)

Narrativa / No ficción (narrativa)
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"Nobody?s ever really ready for the end"

The Nomad grew up after the end of the world, living off the land that once was, but always from a distance, in the cover of foliage, adapting to the new world, until one day he interferes, and he's thrust into circumstances that sends him face to face with the Man Eaters.

This is a novel for those who love post apocalyptic stories driven by the characters that inhabit them, and that will make the reader feel how after the end, truly is.

Nobody?s ever really ready for the end.
Hell, if you ask me, nobody ever knew the end was even coming. Want to know how ?the end? all got started? Yea, get it line. But you don?t have to worry because that?s going to be one hell of a short line because nobody who?s left alive gives a damn, least nobody I?ve ever come across. You see all these shell-shocked, 2nd gen stragglers shambling around are too busy trying to find some food to stay alive and then trying to hang onto it before someone comes along and rips it away from them to worry about something as useless as ?how it all started?. So they?re either desperately hunkering down in whatever?s left standing or cobbling together any kind of makeshift shelter that will keep them out of the cold or they?re just rambling along like brain-fried refugees looking for a cool dream that?s somewhere just over the next burnt out horizon. If only they could find it.
I see those kind a lot.